An emperor for the animals by Prince W Bradford

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Book Description

The fishes, birds and animals are fed with the treatment being meted out by man and are afraid of being made extinct through the actions of man. After a series of meetings plans began to be made to exterminate man and set up a supreme ruler over the fishes, birds and animals from among the birds or land animals because the fishes are not interested in the job but have pledged support for who ever is chosen.
AT a meeting of the animals Theldon the donkey warned the animals that man is loved By King El Olam and The Prince of Shalom goes about sometimes as a man. Care should be taken because no animal would want to harm The Prince of Shalom. Some animals and birds still wanted to follow the original plan to exterminate man but another set of animals and bird decided to wait for King El Olam to set up the State of Utopia.
The decision by some animals and birds to follow through with exterminating man and set up a supreme leader an emperor allows the Light Bearer to enter the scene.
The aim of the light bearer is to destroy man to avoid his own destruction and he is making false promises to the animals and birds that they will rule with him. Any help The Light Bearer can get he is willing to take.
There is also another group of animals and bird that neither of the first two groups trust because they are devoted to man but man is divided with some supporting King El Olam and some supporting The Light Bearer.
In the end battle lines are drawn and the animals are getting ready to fight some for King El Olam and some for The Light Bearer while at the same time they still desired a supreme leader, an emperor.
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About the Author

Prince W Bradford was born in Mandeville, Jamaica to parents who were farmers. Laughter and story telling are traits he inherited from his parents and these were a part of growing up in the rich country side which was also considered to be an urban center. He is a Graduate of Manchester High School who did not recognize what was ahead the first time an essay he wrote was read to the whole class when he was a student in high school.
Although qualified to work in the field of Health Management and the Insurance industry he still prefers writing and devotes time to this passion.

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