An Imperfect Paradise: Marvels, Maladies, and Murder South of the Border by Marcia Gage

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Book Description

Margo and Seth were fed up with their high-pressure jobs, the cost of living, and the bitter winters in Minneapolis. Then one night, Seth came home and announced he was given an ultimatum to go back to school to keep his job. That ultimatum was the deciding factor; Seth and Margo were going to pull up stakes and move to Puerto Vallarta. They would pursue careers in comedy and writing with plenty of time for fun and relaxation.
But, life in Paradise wasn’t perfect either. Would their unexpected adventures force them back to the States? Or, would the amazing culture and people of Mexico make them realize they had found their home?
As you share the adventures of Margo and Seth, you’ll be transported to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you already know of its intrigue and beauty, you may recognize and welcome the kinds of people and places described in this novel. If you’ve never been to Mexico, hopefully, this book will show you, it is a place worth visiting.
This is also a story of relationships and love. We see the complexities of marriage, friendships, and the passion for the well-being of children and animals.
If this novel encourages you to visit Mexico, hopefully, it will also give you some ideas on what to see and do.
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