Kimberly Jackson is a beautiful successful attorney and single mother. She has had her share of heartbreak and finally decided to focus on her son and career. Everything in her life was falling into place until she met and fell in love with Jada Banks. From that point on her life would never be the same.
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Nikita”Soambitious” Middleton was born in a small city in North Carolina and youngest of four children. She attended Triton High School and later went to Fayetteville State University. She studied Criminal Justice and later became a paralegal. In late 2002, Soambitious decided she needed a change and moved to Augusta, Ga. In 2004, she discovered her talent for writing. Soambitious began writing a short story entitled “An Unexpected Love”. Once she began to write she couldn’t stop and decided to turn this short story into a novel. After finishing her book, she put it away for a while to pursue other things. It wasn’t until 2008 that she decided to pull the manuscript out and try to get it published. Since then she has started hosting her own online radio show on Blog Talk Radio”Live With Soambitious” and one of the host on Lawless Radio. She’s also manager and publicist for World Mob Entertainment and started her own Firm SoaManagement PR in 2010. Soambitious has become an one of the many voices against Meningitis, a disease that claimed the life of her eldest sister in 2007

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