An Unforgettable Cruise 

by – Colin Guest (Author)

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Book Description:

They say things happen in threes. In Ashley’s case, the main characters, the first to happen was her husband’s death. It released her from what had turned out to be a loveless marriage. The second, while on holiday in Turkey with her daughter Jade, they rescue a man from drowning. When he turns out to be an old flame, Ashley thinks it’s a sign they should get back together. However, she is left shocked and disappointed when informed he is under police investigation. The third occurs when Ashley goes on a luxury cruise. Here she meets Stephen, who not only rekindles her love of sex, but gives her love and makes her content with her life.

Reviews for the Book

This was such a captivating and heated erotic romance novel. The author takes great strides to utilize imagery and atmosphere in his writing to capture the emotional aspects of the protagonist’s journey. The balance the author found in the more erotic and passionate scenes with the character growth and development was great to read as well, as it made for a more well-rounded narrative overall.
The fast pace of each chapter and the development of each character’s backstory were really strong in this novel. The focus on the evolution of Ashley and Stephen’s relationship, from their shared histories with their late spouses to the struggles to find their voice within a new relationship and the desire to keep the heat and fierceness of their liaisons fresh as time goes on was something so many people will be able to relate to, while the more sexy scenes will be something readers will love to make their new guilty pleasure. - Anthony Avina

About the Author: Colin Guest

Colin Guest, AKA Tigerman, started writing after retiring from spending 19 years working in 14 countries on three continents. He has published eleven books, including memoirs, thrillers and romance stories, with several available as audiobooks.

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Apart from his books, Colin has written film scripts based on two of his thrillers, and now writing one based on his romantic novel A Dangerous Love Affair.

His latest novel, An Unforgettable Cruise, a romance story is now available on presale with publication due on the 4th of August. He is now working to complete another romance story, It happened in Barcelona.

Colin has adopted a tiger for the past fourteen years, and as a volunteer has worked at wildlife rescue/rehabilitation centres in South Africa and Thailand. This he recommends as a means for animal lovers to give something back to nature.

Colin lives in Istanbul with his wife and cat Bella.

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