41Q-L32OgkL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Victorian Ireland. A boy in search of redress.

Victorian England. A man in search of redemption.

1879, County Mayo, Ireland. Liam Walshe and his sick, four-year-old brother, Aiden, are separated from their mother and father, their home destroyed. Liam needs to keep his brother alive whilst he searches for their parents, then he’ll take his revenge.
He needs help.

1876, London, England. Bernie Kelly is the oldest bare-knuckle fighter on the illegal, underground circuit. A tragedy forces him back to Dublin, the city he ran away from thirty years earlier, and he wants the woman he loves to go with him. Though Dublin has changed, its demons still haunt him.
He needs a cause.

When Bernie runs into Liam on a bank of the River Moy, help meets a cause.

Rural Ireland has made a partial recovery from the potato blight that plagued the country in the middle of the century. As the 1870s draw to a close, agriculture faces new challenges. When tenant farmers struggle to pay their rent, landlords react with evictions. If it’s a land war they want, there are people prepared to fight back.

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About the Author

A-MA-ZING!! Thoroughly enjoyed this book from the moment I was introduced to these characters until the time I had to say good-bye, which incidentally was far too soon. For me, this book had everything: Humour? Tick. A darn good story? Tick. Suspense? Tick. Read it again? Tick. Want to read another Dennis Carey novel? Absolutely

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