Anadaria – The Search for Ameliana by Martin Noye

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Book Description:

King Darwent knew that allowing his youngest daughter to journey to Dasteria with Balovan the travelling trader would have its risks but when Balovan failed to return to Elliana, he could only fear the worst. Xantor was ready, he had come of age, he was the only one the king could rely on to go all the way to Dasteria if necessary to find Ameliana and bring her home. But a dark force had entered Eternia and Xantor would face the greatest trial imaginable. Life for all Eternians was going to change forever and things would never be the same again.
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About the Author

I am a stone mason and law student. I will be taking a ‘Post-Graduate Certificate in Education’ in 2019 with a view to becoming a University Law Lecturer.
I started creating the world of Anadaria in 2008 and have slowly built the history. The first book of three, in the Eternia series, was released on the 1st November 2018 and I have built up facebook and twitter followings. ‘Anadaria Fantasy World’ has been bought to life by two extremely talented artists, Robert Mallinson, (who produced the front cover for ‘Anadaria- the Search for Ameliana’) and Nyra Drakae, (who produced the internal illustrations). With luck I will release the second book in the Eternia series, in the summer of 2019.

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