And I Thought I’d be a Nun

With the help of friends and a strong conviction that God has a purpose for us all, she has lived a life and written a tale worth reading.
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Book Description:

“We are less damaged by the traumas of childhood than by the traumatic way we remember childhood.”
Psychologist James Hillman
“‘And I thought I’d Be a Nun’ is a heart-wrenching, true, family drama about the life, trials, and tribulations of author, Georgianne Landy-Kordis. No book comes closer to exposing the depths of a woman’s soul. Forced to deal with extraordinary hardships, death, rejection, abuse, and a struggle to rise above obstacles that would break the spirit of most people, Georgianne shows true strength as she perseveres and overcomes what life has thrown at her. Ms. Landy-Kordis writes in a brazenly honest, fresh style. The chronological events of her life take the reader down a sometimes disturbing yet eye-opening journey that leads to her personal growth and struggle to find self-worth and true love. With the help of friends and a strong conviction that God has a purpose for us all, she has lived a life and written a tale worth reading.”
~Susanne L. Lambdin (Author of the Dead Hearts Novel Series)
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When the book arrived in the mail, I started reading and I did not stop reading even thru daily interruptions, it's a roller coaster ride that keeps you on pins and needles, I went to bed at 3am that morning, like I said I just couldn't stop reading it. I sympathize with all that Georiganne goes thru, endures in her life , but she does come out at the top in the ending, meeting a man that is her soul mate. She deserves the best in life, I will always admire her courage for writing this book and getting abuse out in the open for others to read and if they too are going thru such an ordeal, maybe this book will help them to get away from the controlling and abusing people. God Bless You G. Thumbs up, and hoping for more writing in your future, Sincerely, Tracia J. Fenstermacher, Wichita, Kansas

-- Tracia Jo Fenstermacher

We all have our demons from our past and our own regrets but Georgianne brings hers to the surface. She went from a happy life to complete chaos and dysfunction after her father passes away. This true story tells of the strength, courage, love and sometimes almost madness that she possessed during times of severe personal pain. Georgianne's struggle to get to the other side of hell and to protect the ones she loved was truly a source of encouragement for those of us who sometimes want to give up. Jan Elliott Lovelace

-- Jan E Lovelace

About the Author ▸ Georgianne Landy-Kordis

My first book is titled “And I thought I’d be a nun:” my memoir. It details physical and emotional abuse as well as insurmountable amounts of love from the unloved. This book started out to be a therapeutic adventure for me and has now turned into readers reflecting on their past and being inspired by my strength and perseverance. There have been many women who have read my memoir and have opened up to me about their childhood and adult abuses. As a child, I had a vivid imagination and loved television. I use to play with little objects like coins or wadded up pieces of paper. They were people to me and I made these objects act out scenarios. I wrote, made little costumes and directed a little skit for a class project in the fifth grade. In seventh grade I got caught writing a little story in class and because I got in such trouble I didn’t write again until my senior year in a creative writing class. I also got a by-line in the school newspaper that year. I realized then that I wanted to write and or make movies. I was brought up in the business world. With the combination of my business sense and my creative gifts and desires, I formed my own film/video business in the ’90s after studying screenwriting and directing at the University of Oklahoma. Because my passion is writing screenplays I plan on continuing to write in that format and hopefully, one day see one of my works on the BIG SCREEN. I self-publish under my film/video corporation FIA/Films by Independent Artists, Inc., dba LilyHeart Publishing.
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