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Book Description

A story of a family dealing with the untimely passing of a beloved son, grandson, brother and father. It depicts the strength and resolve of those intent on caring for their own rather than adhere to doctor’s wishes for hospice care. There are laughs, tears, progress and setbacks; this is a book about life. The author has chosen to include hyperlinks into the text to afford a more intimate reading experience.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By l houston

I love the book! This is a strong family that went thru horrific ordeals and they never gave up.This book has gave me so much inspiration if you haven’t read it yet get it,it will change your life!

About the Author

John H. Williams was born and raised in Baltimore City, home of “The Wire.” Born almost 3 years to the day before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and African American grandson to a white man baring the same name, John claims a vast and varied life experience.
John grew up in city housing and his writing graphically depicts, through experienced eyes, the life and times and experience of a boy turned man, turned grieving parent in a city destined to remain front page news for some time to come.
His writing is said to be tangible, as if one could touch or smell the words on the pages. He is known for grasping the reader by the hand and pulling them, willing or not, into the fray.
Captivating, surprising, bold, and baring all, are but a few of the words that come to mind with reference to his writing.
More about John can be found in his first book, ‘And We WALK!”

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