Take everything you know about the world. Now turn it upside down.

Welcome to Harshtown, United States, Inc., where everyone thinks life is swell, and society is a utopian paradise—a world where people are run over and punished for it; where opposing junior football teams beat each other up in a bid to win; where policemen arrest innocent men—where saints are sinners and sinners are saints.

Set in this dystopian reality, readers are presented with the interlinking stories of some of Harshtown’s key players, which deftly paints a portrait of a society in ruin—a society that isn’t too far off from our own. Many of Harshtown’s citizens want to help, while others want to remain neutral—and others believe every moment is an opportunity for exploitation. A story within several stories, readers are able to look through a fictional lens to discover and explore many of the current issues and controversies we face today.

And You Thought Your World Was Harsh is a brilliant satire on the nature of our current society—and the potential absolute devastation we’re capable of creating for ourselves if no one takes a stand and figures out a better way.
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About the Author

Salutations, my name is Darrin Adams.

I originally was born in Chicago, however, I spent most of my life in Virginia. I currently live in Virginia Beach and have lived there for several years now. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and I currently am pursuing my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

I am an indie writer that loves to write for fun. I started writing several years ago in order to express my emotions, then that expression eventually turned into a book without me realizing that I possessed the capability to write.

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