There is more than just romance and love to this story.
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Like all of Caroles books it was hard to put down. The story was so touching I can’t wait to read the next book.

-- Mary J Parker
Book Description:

Meet Deanna: She’s fun, funny, bright, loving, kind, a little quirky, and sometimes called the cutest girl on the planet. Deanna is a dog groomer and her two best friends are veterinary techs. Growing up in rural Western Pennsylvania, they all have a love for animals, nature, and all things country. They have been friends since Kindergarten, and they do everything together.

Deanna meets Darren: Zowie! The most gorgeous man she has ever seen! She introduces him to her friends, and they all hit it off. A beautiful relationship is formed, and eventually the group becomes three couples. Deanna’s friend, JayJay, and Deanna’s brother, Koty, are already an item, and have been since high school. That leaves CeeCee without a boyfriend, but not for long.

There is more than just romance and love to this story. There are deep friendships, family, loyalties, kindness, and an abundance of goodness surrounding these three couples.

Carole McKee (Author)
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