Annie Aardvark, Mathematician by Suzie Olsen

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Book Description:

The story follows Annie, an Aardvark who loves math, on her daily foraging. As Annie sets out on her forage, she decides to count everything she encounters. She zigs and zags through the landscape, stopping to use her nose and tongue to count objects. The effect is amusing sounds as she counts and forages. Join Annie on her math adventure!
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“Fabulous book for kids!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

I love that I know have a book that I can read to the youngsters in my family that will show them that math is actually pretty cool! Thanks for writing such a great book that I’m sure I will be keeping in my bedtime stories bookshelf forever 🙂

About the Author

Here’s the short story: I’m attempting a weekly blog about being a mom, a wife, an engineer, a R.A. patient, an aspiring children’s author, and other random stuff in my life. Welcome to my story! Which really isn’t that short. It’s 30 something years long. Hope you enjoy it!

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Annie Aardvark, Mathematician by Suzie Olsen

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