41IYy4g-zaL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_With a plan 15 to 20 years in development, terrorists are ready to deposit a Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction into the Jet Stream of The United States. FBI agents and the vast Intel Network of The United States are in a race against time to prevent an attack capable of eliminating the entire population in five days leaving us open to invasion and World War III

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“Millions left after 6-7 billion die”

Review on Amazon By Sue

I’m not commenting on the book exactly, but on the reality this book suggests. It’s definitely a novel. But novels can be predictive: this one is predictive. While this reviewer does not agree with the premise of mankind’s demise, the prediction that man will be eliminated via war, (conventional and non conventional) is agreeable with ancient theological writings, as near as 2000 years ago. The Book of Revelation describes mankind’s demise, as well as the Old Testament descriptions of the Middle East as being the setting and origin of the world’s worst “annihilation” imaginable, or non-imaginable. Read it. Enjoy the dark side, but remember, this book is a gut feeling about mankind’s demise, not all it predicts is true in the strictest sense.

About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Frank V. D’Ambra – Writer- Producer-Director Frank V. D’Ambra was born and raised in New York City in the Bronx in April of 1954. Growing up, Frank enjoyed Movies and Music and love playing sports and his New York teams The Yankees and Football Giants and even had a tryout for the Giants in the late 1970’s In college at CCNY, Frank took advice from one of his JHS teachers, Miss Cerza and pursued creative writing courses. Frank’s first written work was a screenplay which came about after his last failed attempt to make The New York Giants football team in a tryout. The screenplay was titled The Invincible Summer, an inspirational work from Albert Camus about an unlikely football hero who leads an expansion New York football team into the Super Bowl under a cloud of suspicion. Through the 80’s and 90’s Frank kept writing while also acting in off Broadway Plays and amateur films. While gaining experience in amateur and low budget films, a desire emerged to become a filmmaker since Frank felt acting wasn’t for him and that the behind the scenes creative process was more suited to him. Frank also wanted to try his hand at writing Novels and had some success with his first Novel Direct Line with a Serial Killer in which he produced, directed and wrote the commercial that promoted the Novel in 2001. Frank has amassed over 20 screenplays and since is looking to put together a film production company so he can make his own independent quality films.

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