51i1KQbaX9L._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Rene’s life is simple. A caring nurse by night, a loving mom and wife by day. She’s running errands, cooking, and folding never-ending loads of laundry. Greg’s life is comfortable. He is a successful software engineer; he has friends, money, and plans to someday marry his beautiful girlfriend Tia. When Greg visits his best friend at the hospital, he meets his nurse Rene. Instantly, they feel a strong and unexplainable bond. Sparks fly as their attraction grows stronger and stronger. As the strange connection affects their comfortable till now lives and relationships, they decide to undergo hypnosis, suggested by gifted yet unconventional therapist Dr. Collins to discover its source. They see themselves as a married couple with a child, living a better and more beautiful life in another dimension. They witness love and passion they themselves do not experience in “this” world. How can this be? Is it a glitch in the physical realm, or is it a divine intervention?

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About the Author

Renata Cantave lives in the suburbs of Long Island, New York, with her husband, two sons, and two cats. By day she is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Health Coach, by night she writes and reads. She is a hopeless romantic, a foodie, and she loves watching movies, especially the ones that make her cry. Renata loves helping people as a nurse, but her true passion is telling stories that touch people’s hearts and souls.

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