Arnie Hammer was strange and since he was born, revealed to the world, that something inside him, had come to this world. Chris succumbs to his friendship and discovers the power of Telepathy in Arnie. In his nightmares he sees an evil Arnie who always says; I know what you need. Chip and his gorillas are behind Arnie until they are responsible for an act that will never forgive Arnie. The new sentence is; Things are fine as well. Then Chris finds out. Who has telekinetic powers and revenge is about to begin but can not stop it until Arnie finally rests and continues his life elsewhere. Becoming him again.

This book is the first book that I wrote when I was thirteen years old. It is evident that it has changed with the passage of time and is now more mature. The moment has come to see who Arnie is and to thank Stephen King for being there, upon writing this. This time, I dedicate this to me, with two ba…
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I grew up and started writing upon being heavily influenced by the master of terror and drama, Stephen King. I am the author of his first biography as a writer. Furthermore, I have written an anthology based on a box that I had found that allegedly belonged to his father, who was also a writer. Now, I have dedicated my time to writing books of terror, suspense, and thrillers. In Amazon, I have already published my books, ‘The Beginnings of Stephen King’, ‘Stephen King’s Box’, ‘Tom’s Story’, ‘Infected’ a saga about zombies, ‘Midnight Fear’, ‘All Your Life at Your Side,’ ‘Arnie’, ‘Cemetery of Automobiles’, ‘Seven Books, Seven Sins’, ‘Bonmati’s House’, and ‘The guardian of the castle’, Truck cemetery, Seven books, Seven Sins, but these are not the only ones that I intend to publish this year.

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