This book follows the book Survival, about his childhood and teenage years.
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Book Description:

A young gay man becomes a research scientist wanting to find cures for diseases, tormented by memories of his teenage years, nightmares, facial scars, fearing his shaking means he will have a short life. His father violently rejected him. His grandfather loved him. This book follows the book Survival, about his childhood and teenage years.
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I really enjoyed the author’s first book Survival, so I was delighted to read his second one, Arrival. It tells the story of his arrival in the United States and what it was like being an immigrant in the time of the Vietnam War. I loved the comparisons between UK life and USA life at that time, and being an immigrant or expat in the Dominican Republic from the UK, I could relate to the similarities of some of his experiences. The book is well written and the author is obviously highly intelligent, whether from describing chemical experiments in the search for new drugs, or his introspective thinking into the behaviours of those around him and revealing his own personal demons. While I only have an O Level Grade 6 in chemistry (scraped pass), I still found the descriptions of the experiments interesting, recognizing the names of several drugs used today, and found it fascinating to learn about the whole long process to get a drug to market. Almost as powerful as his first book, educational in more ways than one, and very honest and frank Arrival is also emotional and I found myself tearing up at times, which is not something I do often. I am eagerly waiting for book 3, as this book just stopped suddenly before I expected it to, leaving me very much wanting more.

-- Lindsay de Feliz

John Fahey (Author)

I’m a scientist retired from a career in biomedical research. I’ve begun to write memoirs of my life. The first one covers my life up to age 23. The title is Survival, subtitle From a broken childhood to a PhD. The second one, Arrival: An Immigrant Story, continues from the first, up to 1987, as I am about to become Director of Research at the Community Research Initiative in Manhattan. I have a web domain in which I write about topics aiming at a healthy longevity. That domain is You can see an account of my life and career on the about_me page at that domain. It is entirely informational. I do not sell anything nor do I have any affiliation to pharmaceutical companies or medical groups. I look forward to the future with a sense of awe and wonder. I have a writeup in an online Irish Literary Magazine:
From a Broken Childhood to PhD: Survival by John Fahey
I have an official review at Twitter: @JohnFahey11 Blog:

This book follows the book Survival, about his childhood and teenage years.

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