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Late in 2014 I decided to challenge myself to write one poem every day in 2015. I got started by jotting down some possible subjects to be sure I would have something to say each and every day. As it turns out, I only pulled out the list a few times during the year. I am always thinking about things it seems. I always have “something on my mind” as they say.

On days when I did not have much to say I either wrote a very short poem or talked about the fact that I had nothing to write about. You may see a lot of brevity here. That is based more upon available time than a lack of ideas. I must also admit that I embrace a writing style that less is more, working in fewer words that hopefully still impart the feeling or the thought that is being shared.

And that is what this project has been about. It is a way to share the thoughts going on in my mind as a writer and person. I hope that you will enjoy them. Thanks for reading.

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About the Author

As an author, I have been inspired by many people and events. When I shared the interesting stories of my life with others, they encouraged me to write a book. Completing a book has always been a dream of mine. When I actually made my dream a reality, I chose to create fictional characters and environments to entertain my readers.

The Amy Brown Stories are enjoyed by readers that enjoy drama, romance and suspense. Protected, an Amy Brown Story, Novel Three takes Amy through another stage of healing as she works with others who have been affected by crime. Amy works with the network to help Naomi Abron leave Nashville in a sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying escape to a new life. Luke St. Germain also has a role within the network. Separately, Amy and Luke are working to assist victims and businesses that have been affected by crime. Together they are creating much more.

In the first two books, Forever Changed, an Amy Brown Story, Novel One and To Be Determined, an Amy Brown Story, Novel Two, Amy is helped by the network and ultimately meets Luke St. Germain. Amy encounters dangerous situations that bring her to a place of transformation. She ultimately works to heal and rebuild as she wrestles with her grief, her decisions and the ripple effects of loss.

I took a different path in writing Blessings & Grace. It is a work of Historical Fiction. Jane Ann is a character based on my own great-grandmother. The book looks at her life after she traveled from the countryside of England to her new home in America. In this new life she experiences the differences in culture and the events of her day. I hope my readers will enjoy this storyline and style.

This past year I added another collection of poetry to the Kindle Store. The collection is one that I wrote throughout 2015.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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