61bmayRFiKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_April 1815-Rumors of Napoleon’s war plans spread across the French border into the Province of Brabant. The caretaker’s stepdaughter dreads the arrival of Napoleon’s soldiers with good reason…she knows their violent ways only too well. One fateful afternoon, Lisette is left in charge of the empty chateau. During the dark days that follow, a vow of revenge mars her efforts to make new friends and bask in the attentions of a rugged British officer. All too soon the battle of Waterloo erupts and the three men she cares about face the ordeal. While fleeing the catastrophe of war, every step is fraught with perils, brigands and heartache-
Lisette, a soldier’s daughter with iron will and a kind heart, refuses to surrender to hardship or vile threats… when faced with defeat by the past, she must find a way to protect those she holds dear and win a most precious victory.

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” Captivating from beginning to the riveting end!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By F. Reede

First of all I loved that this read included a cast of characters, I wish more authors chose this route. There is an enormous cast of characters too, so it is beneficial. Secondly, I love historical fiction and this one revolves around Napoleon and Waterloo as the title makes obvious. But in addition, Ashes of Waterloo has a bit of a romantic twist which really gave it that extra layer of enjoyment. With very strong characters, the story comes to life in a way that only a seasoned author can accomplish. Olivia M. Andem, has a keen sense of story and character development that draws the reader in from the very beginning until the last page is turned.

This my first read from this author and I finished it the desire to check out more of what else she has to offer, as I quickly became a fan. The story is told with beautiful detail and a mesmerizing cadence that draws you in and keeps your attention throughout. All in all, I would have to say this one was easily 5 stars for me and I hope you find it as enjoyable.

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Living the dream, writing from my heart, trying to paint history with words. Fans of Austen era have a new heroine to love in Patience Becomes A Lady

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