Assets Of Inspiration

by – Matthew L Scigousky (Author)

(Unlocking Your Greatest Assets)

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Book Description:

Assets of Inspiration is a collection of poems I started writing back in 2020 during the pandemic to encourage and inspire others during a tough time for so many. I call them poems but they are really pure inspiration and motivation disguised as poetry. Little did I know it would send me on a path to write 3 books. This is my original work that started it all. I am re-working the original writing and expanding it to be more than just poems but also diving into the assets we discover through adversity, challenge, and struggle. I want to go into detail about assets you can develop that will allow you to win in the game of life. They are so important and only appreciate in value as you work on the most important one: YOU!

My original book was not what I wanted it to be but I am so grateful to have worked with a publisher and developed the experience and relationships. My goal was to put something out in the world that would have a profound and positive impact on people. That has become my life’s mission and it is the most rewarding experience of my life.

I view them as assets because each is based on a set of principles that can change your life no matter what your circumstances are. We as people all go through similar experiences both positive and negative. How you look at those experiences will determine the reality you choose to live in. The word choose is very important. Think of each poem as a road map with a set of instructions. It is not enough to just write about a feeling in my opinion. You have had to gone through it yourself. If you find yourself in one of these poems know that I am right there with you. I have felt the pain, the struggle, the adversity, and the elation from overcoming it to create an abundant life. I believe with all my heart that each and every person has something special inside. You were born with it. If you’re searching for it let me help you find it in this book.

Here is to you becoming your best self and discovering the assets within…
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Reviews for the Book

This thought-provoking and empowering book dives into the concept of personal assets and how they can be harnessed to inspire and achieve success. Written with clarity and passion, this book offers valuable insights and practical advice for individuals seeking to unlock their full potential.
I love that this book focuses on the idea that everyone possesses unique assets that can be leveraged for personal and professional growth. The author explores various types of assets, including skills, knowledge, experiences, and relationships, and demonstrates how these assets can be utilized to overcome challenges and achieve goals.
Love that the writing style is engaging and relatable, making it easy for readers to connect with the concepts discussed. Each chapter is well-structured and provides a clear framework for understanding and applying the principles presented. The journal prompts are a huge bonus for me to reflect on myself. - Pei

About the Author: Matthew L Scigousky

About the Author

Matthew Lawrence Scigousky was born in the Chicago suburbs. In many ways he was born into adversity. At six months old he had both legs in casts and was misdiagnosed with MS. As it turns out a spinal tumor was the real issue. He underwent multiple surgeries on his left leg and spine all before the age of ten. This left him with a permanently deformed left leg to go through life with.

There was a choice made at a very young age by Matthew. “You can do whatever you set your mind to no matter the circumstances”. This became embedded in his soul and has only gotten stronger throughout the years. He became a competitive ski racer in middle school and learned to adapt and compete in other sports such as wrestling in high school and track in college. 

After earning his degree in business from DePaul University. Matthew embarked on a career in medical device sales becoming the youngest sales rep ever hired at Stryker Medical earning rookie of the year and rep of the year in his first two years. After 28 years in the business and working for other companies such as Merit Medical and Cardiva Medical he has amassed four rep of the year honors, over a dozen president club awards, and multiple other awards in sales achievement. 

Outside of business Matthew enjoys athletics and works out five to six days a week. Most mornings start at 4:30am. Pushing his body to do things in the gym with one leg most cannot do with two.

The same principles in this book Matthew has applied and uses in his own life. He maintains a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Inspiring others to find their true potential and become their best selves has become a passion for Matthew. In his own words he has been truly blessed. His disability is really a gift and if you ask him he would not change anything that happened. He would not be the man he is today without his left leg. 

His true mission in life is to pass on all he has been blessed with, to share with others so they may find the same benefits he has. The real gift in life is in giving and there is no better gift than to lift others up and show them a way to live an abundant life.

Thank you for your interest in my books! I designed this book to show you a roadmap to make a positive change in your life. Please leave a review. I very much appreciate your feedback!