ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere

Asteroids–Bridge to Nowhere is a fast-paced near-future dystopian adventure. Watch out! Tribulation will get you out there….
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Wow! This sure had a lot. First I loved the personality in the personality showed in this book. Lots of realistic, entertaining characters. This has a lot of detailed information too - the author knows what he is talking about! Once the plot gets going it really picks up speed. Also has humor throughout too and I liked that. If you are a sci-fi fan, read this one.

-- Nicole P
Book Description:

9.5 out of 10 – Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize


4.3 Stars IndieReader “IndieReader Approved”

An asteroid storm of apocalyptic proportions is headed for Earth.

A mysterious group within the government called the Arcadians led by Colonel Cruikshank knows the storm is coming. This corrupt shadow government has taken extreme measures to keep the storm secret while building underground cities to protect the few and the fortunate. Cruikshank’s goal is that after the storm passes his survivors will emerge from the protected cities as a more perfect humanity. He is determined to create his utopian society, no matter what it takes.

Rick Munday is a husband, father, and struggling Astrophysicist who needs his research grant approved. When Cruikshank learns that Rick’s grant proposal predicts the asteroid storm, Cruikshank drugs and kidnaps Rick, securing him in the underground city of New Arcadia.

On his quest to escape the Arcadians and reach his family, Rick, and friends he meets on his journey use high-tech hacking skills to warn the world of the coming disaster, expose the underground cities, and save thousands more souls. Captain Kobalt, Cruikshank’s enforcer chases Rick and his friends across America in an epic adventure leading to a climactic conflict between Rick and Kobalt.

Asteroids–Bridge to Nowhere is a fast-paced near-future dystopian adventure. Watch out! Tribulation will get you out there….

Mike McCoy (Author)
Mike McCoy is an international businessman and entrepreneur who has traveled extensively and worked in consumer electronics industry for more than twenty-five years. During his time in the tech industry the company he founded, developed a variety of cutting-edge products which were sold in retail stores around the world. Mike is also an accomplished athlete known for long distance events. He completed a full Ironman Triathlon in 2006. When he turned fifty, he ran a double Marathon (52.4 miles). He thought running fifty miles when turning fifty would be a good accomplishment. In 2018, Mike celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a six-hundred-mile bike ride over six days from Florence, Oregon to San Francisco, California. Somehow, he found time to write. Keep your eyes open for Mikes new novel; TAC FORCE – Sons of Khan – launching in early 2021 Everything he did was for the love of a woman. Frank Callahan risked his life to get back to the Moon. He was the first man to get kicked off the Moon, and the first man to hitch a ride back. The Grand Luna hotel is about to open. With the addition of the hotel, Moon Base Alpha will become a vibrant moon-based economy. Frank is a short, clumsy, hapless guy who has big dreams. When he got booted off the moon, it was clear he was not to return. If Frank can stay out of the brig, he plans to reunite with the woman he loves and start a tour company for moon tourists. While helping save a scientist from a life-threatening accident, Frank learns of a secret metal derived from a unique ore discovered near the base. During the hotel’s pre-opening gala, the Sons of Khan invade Moon Base Alpha to take control of the burgeoning moon economy. The Khan capture everyone on base. Everyone but Frank. Frank must use his wits, skills, and military intuition he didn’t know he had to save his friends, Moon Base Alpha, and the woman he loves. While fighting to defeat the Sons of Khan, Frank learns there could be another reason for the invasion. TAC FORCE – Sons of Khan is an exciting high-tech military adventure that examines love, death, truth, and greed. Check the website for news and updates:
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