Aunt by James D. Patalon

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Book Description:

I wouldn’t read this book if your mind is closed. It is a story simple, sweet, filled with sex, romance, a forbidden territory. It is purely fiction, but none the less it is pure adult escapism. If you are prissy then by all means close this book and look for something else. In a way it is a compliment to all those men and women who have engaged in mental playing fantasies. It doesn’t have a point, it is to just entertain. And if it offends you, I do not apologize. Sometimes a writer will go all out, break the rules, and do something totally out from the usual norm of writing. If you have a open mind, love to fantasize, love to explore unopened doors, love sex, love being bad, a bit crazy and not at all eccentric, then turn the pages to a story that for sure will have your brain explode with laughter, an unbelievable premise, tons of incredible hot and engaging sexual playing. Have fun! Escape from the real world and go and explore those wild fantasy plays you know you once thought about, if only for a brief minute or two. This is a book your mother if she had discovered it would have had major heart failure. If your father had discovered it he would have probably stolen it for himself.

This is the story of one young man who developed an infatuation with his mother’s sister. That infatuation grows into an obsession. His self-playing fantasies are just not enough. He goes out after her. What follows is a night out at a local bar, the two get a bit tipsy and when they finally get back to her house, the love affair begins. Their individual feelings for one another sets up the stage for the mental tensions of keeping this romance all to themselves. They are in a closet that is slowly growing claustrophobic for the both of them. They don’t want to stop the passionate loving, but another part of this relationship is begging to be let out from its cage. He finds himself wanting more. She is content with what they both have. A hidden guilt, shame and the fact that these two forbidden lovers have crossed over a boundary line that they should have never stepped over. They are chasing after forever, unfortunately that just might be out of their grasping. It is a territory that neither one can really defend.
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About the Author

I am now an author of several books since 2015. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am currently employed in retail. Am married with children.



The future has very little to offer mankind. Almost all of civilization is dead. Seth Roberts is alone in a world gone mad. His hope of finding why he had been brought here and for what purpose is the only thing he has to hold onto. What he discovers and who he meets will eventually lead to the answers he may or may not want to know. Don’t go to Sleep… The Future is Coming!

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