Aurella found out she’s a witch… just in time to start a witch hunt.
Twelve years ago, the kingdom of Dovice was purged of magic. All the witches were killed in a massive witch hunt, and evidence of their existence was erased from history. So when Aurella discovers she’s a witch, she’s both confused and frightened. Despite the risk of revealing herself, Aurella uses her powers to protect her only friend from a dangerous situation and accidentally sets in motion another witch hunt, making her the key target.
With few allies and an entire country against her, Aurella flees north in hopes of finding Rashtica, the alleged kingdom where her kind live in peace. But Aurella can’t run forever, and if she doesn’t learn to embrace her power, the witch hunt she brought about could be her bitter end.
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“Fantastic characters in a unique fairy tale-esque world. Highly recommend it.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lyndsey H.

Love this story! It’s like a cross between a fairy tale and Harry Potter. I love the world she’s created, with so many different varieties of magic and all kinds of social responses to it, and the characters and their relationships drew me in immediately. Plus, Mavic is hilarious. Lots of sass and sarcasm. 🙂 Love these guys, and can’t wait for the next in the series!

About the Author

Debut author Anni Sezate is an elementary school teacher from Gilbert, Arizona. She received her education degree from Arizona State University, though she spent a semester living out her acting dreams as musical theater major. Anni is your typical right-brained lefty who spends most of her time reading, writing, drawing, and singing way too loudly to Broadway soundtracks. Anni is a proud daughter, sister, aunt, and Ravenclaw (Thunderbird, if we’re being technical).

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