This book was written in response to questions that I get from various people of many different denominations. Many people today claim to be too busy to do any serious studying of scripture. My response is we have to, at some point, make time. The collection of essays in this book, hopefully, will shed some light, and answer some of your questions. I was literally stunned by some of the beliefs I was hearing from different christians I had the opportunity to hold discussions with. As Paul told Timothy, and others, it is absolutely imperative that we safeguard the gospel from corruption. Is your Church safeguarding the Gospel?
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Nathaniel Stalling Jr., born in Chicago ILL., 1953. He is one of eleven children born to Nathaniel Stalling Sr. and Emma Naomi Stalling. Living in one of the most notorious housing projects in America, The Cabrini Green, in Chicago, Illinois, would have a profound effect on his young life and in turn help shape his world view. While doing time in a Michigan State Prison in 1986 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He spent the last 6 (six) years in prison as a Christian. Fourteen years after being released from prison He is still a born again Christian, founder of BURNING BUSH MINISTRIES, a prison ministry, and CHURCH OF THE BURNING BUSH. His commitment to Jesus Christ and His gospel is rock solid. He is now committed to teaching and safeguarding the gospel from corruption. His motto is: ETERNITY IS TOO LONG TO BE WRONG!

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