Awaken Your Destiny: The Biblical Journey From Faith to Success

Awaken Your Destiny is a Christian, biblically rooted book about unlocking your potential and living out your destiny.

Awaken Your Destiny is a Christian, biblically rooted book about unlocking your potential and living out your destiny.

  • How many times did you feel that you are not living the life you were designed to live?
  • How many times you got frustrated when you saw others following their calling and reaching their place of destiny?
  • How many times have you lost your patience and trust in God and so forfeited your blessing?
  • How many times you got caught in a cozy comfort zone and lost sight of the important things?

In Awaken Your Destiny you will learn that life was never meant to be a daily survival routine.

You were not designed for an ordinary, frustration-filled life. You were created to thrive.

On this journey, you will follow in the footsteps of Bible characters who modeled the way before you. The lessons you learn as you read their stories make up your roadmap for success. From Abraham to Jesus, the Scripture is nothing less than a captivating journey to God’s promises!

Awaken Your Destiny is different than other books in this genre because it springs from the biblical overarching narrative.

I do not use the Bible as a source of illustrations for my points, but I go from the Bible and find the principles.

It is unique because it reflects my own journey of faith.

In Awaken Your Destiny, through metaphors and biblical stories you will learn how to:

✓ Break free of Routine

✓ Find your Why

✓ Redefine your Identity

✓ Focus on Future and Reconcile with the Past

✓ Keep Holding to your Dream despite Adverse Circumstances

✓ Overcome Temptations that may Ruin Your Dream

✓ Live a Flourishing Life of Service

✓ See your Story in a Greater Narrative

Follow the advice in this book and you will surely bring your faith to success!

Your faith will receive vigor. Your energy level will rise. You’ll make decisions that will transform your life and impact generations.

What is still holding you back from grabbing God’s promises for your life?

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