Awakening Worlds by J. C. Thomas

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Book Description

Awakening Worlds is a coming of age novel with contemporary Gothic themes and elements of magical realism, a must-read for anyone who loves otherworldly fantasy.

When Roselyn, daughter of the universe, learns humanity’s growing disregard for Earth’s health is putting her mother’s life in danger, she volunteers to nurture a new spirit for the planet’s rebirth.

Roselyn arrives fresh from the world of ancient sunlight in 1784, and she soon discerns that human life is dispensable if she is to succeed in fulfilling the prophecy of the next world.

Roselyn’s actions are not as compassionate as one might expect from a goddess born from the planet Venus. But when Roselyn finds the spirit of Earth growing inside a young girl whose parents have hidden her away from the world, she finds herself feeling more compassionate—and more human—than she ever thought possible.

Awakening Worlds is an alternative creation myth, a contemporary fairytale and coming of age fantasy about the nature of creation and reincarnation.

Roselyn is a strong female protagonist whose quest reveals an underlying hope for humanity despite her inhuman attitude towards the humans she encounters.


Strong Female Protagonist
Magical Realism
Coming of Age
Fantasy Fiction
Literary Fiction
Contemporary Gothic Fiction
Myths and Legends
Modern Fairy Tale
Dark Romance Kindle
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A fantasy story with a difference”

Five Star Review on Amazon By mrs felicity m perkins

A very thought invoking book, very imaginative why of making us think about how we look after our planet and each other.
It also made me think how people who have left this world can help us move on with our lives and try to improve our way of thinking.
Living in the same area that the author grew up in made this book even nicer to read, being able to visualize in my mind places where she got her inspiration from.
I would encourage anybody to read this book, even if you don’t like fantasy stories, this book is so much more
A very talented young author and I am waiting for the next book!

About the Author

Jenny Catherine Thomas grew up on the edge of the Exmoor National Park in West Somerset, where the power of the elements shaped her imagination and formed her understanding of the importance of the natural world. Her debut novel, Awakening Worlds, is an ecology-themed fantasy epic about the destiny of life on Earth.

She explores elements of the ‘real’ alongside the spiritual, magical, and the psychological. She writes about the cosmos, ecology, nature, life, death and rebirth; its beauty, pain and the blurred lines between extremes.

Jenny graduated in English Literature from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, and spent her second year on an academic exchange to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

During her travels, Jenny led a creative writing and drama workshop as a volunteer teacher in Thailand and she has worked as a teaching assistant in an Aboriginal Community School in the Kimberley, Australia.

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