Doctor Peter Alexander is starting a new job as a psychiatric medical doctor at the Middleton Home for the Mentally Retarded, and almost immediately his training and reality come into sharp conflict. As a doctor from the north he was used to orderly running institutions and minimal corruption where patients were treated OK.
Jonesville, Florida like the rest of the United States in the fifties and sixties did not have compassion for people with mental illness or labeled as such. The doctor soon finds himself at odds with the cruel, sexually predatory head nurse who runs the asylum and controls the self-destructive asylum director.

As the tension grows between Peter and the head nurse, he quickly realizes his inexperience is a poor match for her sexual frustrations and the cruelty she dishes out on the patients. Doctor Alexander tries to help the patients but the head nurse has him in her cross hairs, he must make a choice surrender his virginity or he could lose his life or career.

The book does have adult content
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About the Author

I was born April 13, 1967 in Brooklyn, NY. My writing style is not to write where lots of sex and violence are used. I believe in telling the story like the writers of early fiction Poe, Twain. I write in my own voice and I hope for the readers.

I plan on working the books that I have written in order to get them to be household names.

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