MY BAD TEQUILA by Rico Austin

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Mystery, Mayhem, Madness..
Margaritas & Mexico

One Man’s Epic Journey across two Continents and four Countries with 50 years of Adventure. But,1986 changed everything forever. “It’s all good until it turns bad.” One event devastated the lives of 19 Students, 3 Chaperones and 1 Bus Driver. Was it the Tequila???

Thinking about sending your “Kids” to Paradise Unsupervised? THINK AGAIN!!!


I boarded the bus having a bit of difficulty due to the metal support brace that I had fixed to my right knee. I looked at my “amigos,” a word we had learned on this trip to Mexico, we each used it loosely – each person, place or thing that we encountered was our Amigo.

“Sorry for being the last person.”

It was 8:12 a.m., we were supposed to be gone and on the asphalt broken highway back to life as we knew it no later than 8:00 a.m. There was a silence of which I have never heard before nor have ever heard since. I trapped a bee with my thumb that had been swarming around my beer either attracted to the fruit inside my bottle or the rotten salsa that was smeared on the outside.

“Still nothing from Tina?” The words came slurred from my dry swollen, partly scabbed lips, which had enjoyed too much sun and salty margaritas.

My question was answered by the anguished looks of my fellow spring breakers. Tina had not surfaced. The last time any of us, including her two roommates had seen her was 36 hours earlier.

This is “My Bad Tequila.”

This spring getaway was supposed to be a fun experience and a pleasant memory. It ended up being more than a memory; it was an unpleasant walk through life.


“OHH, don’t blame myself. Who the hell do you think Teddy is blaming, and I can give you twenty to one odds that I know who Shelley is cursing at this very moment. So don’t tell me you understand.” I spit the words at her and then, for emphasis, took a huge swig from my 100% agave, hecho en (made in) Mexico bottle.

I gulped down three more over-sized shots before wiping my mouth and letting out a, “Yum, yum, me gusta tequila.”

I unlocked the back door, taking much longer than it should have and walked onto the small patio with my held tightly, nearly empty glass, my only firiend. Darkness had set in and I reminded myself, “I only have two more nights in this sorry ass Mexican town and country,” sounding my thoughts into words out in the open breezy air. I noticed fog had started to form and was nearly up to our motel’s altitude.

“Good,” I secretly thought. “This fog will hide me as I drink out here tonight,” smiling for the first time since coming back from the beach that afternoon.

Faint weeping was coming from inside and I took a step sideways to look in on Tina. She was crouched on my bed, not fully in the fetal position, but close, and sobbing quietly. And once again, there wa the fu-king, tiny, blue book with the wording “Diary” sticking out of her bag.

Not wanting to hear more sounds of sorrow I stayed on the exterior side of the room and finished off my bottle. “One down, one to go,” was the only thought that mustered.

“You’ll see the true reflection of me when the Tequila bottle is empty,” I shouted out to the wind as I tossed the sad, angry, bottle-shaped mirror to the sea.

I sat for a while and watched the fog slowly envelope the town, the surrounding mountains and everything else I could see minutes before.

After what could have been five minutes or it could have been an hour, I stepped back into the room and grabbed my other bottle.


“What in the world happened here last night?” trying to recollect the last thing I could recall.

Searching, searching my memory bank, “Aw yes, it was coming back to me now; there was fog last night, real fog, I was drinking Tequila and was trying to wake Tina up, an

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“The Big Shoe Dance…TEQUILA!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Susan L. Lane

This very personal memoir by Rico Austin touched me to my soul in it’s bravery for revealing the most tragic flaws of the human spirit. Admittedly 80% fact and 20% fiction, as you bob and weave through this adventure, one begins to wonder where the fact ends and the fiction begins…and sometimes you even hope that what you suspect is fact is really fiction…but that is Austin’s allure in this book. He takes you on a very intimate journey through his life which is lived primarily on the wild side and he freely admits his flaws and with this book, atones for them. The metaphor for his attitude on life seems to come through when he describes a corporal punishment he received in high school in front of all the students…I could have NEVER told such a story because I would have buried it so far down into my psyche that no amount of drilling could have brought it forth. Kudos to Austin for the amazing courage it took to write this book…the good with the bad…and after all…such is the meaning of a life well-lived. Read it…you won’t be able to put it down.

About the Author

Rico Austin – Mi Vida Loca (Biography)

Born and raised in Southwestern Idaho, Rico is the oldest of five boys, growing up in a area that was ripe for several adventures for him, his four younger brothers and numerous cousins.

Rico grew up near farmland that produced potatoes, hay, hops, grain and corn. There were several fruit orchards and vineyards in the Snake River Valley as well, due to the extraordinary fertile soil. A couple of years out of high school he moved to Boise and enrolled at Boise State University as a student and walk on football player. However, he could not escape the allure of traveling the world and began writing and storing his experiences in hopes of someday becoming a novelist. He began by reading every chance he had. From contemporary novels to classical literature, Rico’s love of storytelling was uncontrollable. He appeared occasionally at Boise’s former Comedy Club as a “Stand Up Comedian” retelling his stories of growing up in a comedic fashion. Rico earned an Associate Degree in Marketing and Sales from BSU. After a few years of low level management positions Rico moved to Hawaii for a short time surfing the waters of Kauai and enjoying the outdoors. He then moved to Southern California for less than a year before heading back to Idaho. In 1991 Rico moved to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and continued his education receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration in International Business at Grand Canyon University and received “Outstanding International Business Graduate of 1995.” That same year he was also selected as “Mr. Future Business Executive” at the State Leadership Conference which included all universities in the State of Arizona.

The summer before graduating Rico went to Vilnius, Lithuania and taught English (ESL). During fall semester of his senior year at GCU Rico attended Staffordshire University in England where he also started on the American Football Team for the Staffordshire Stallions. Rico finished his Masters, an MBA in International Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management with a focus on the Latin American Region and the Spanish language. He did
this while working full time as a feature writer and free lance journalist at the T-Bird school paper “DAS TOR.” A few of his articles at “DAS TOR” were written in Spanish by Rico specially for the foreign students of Latin America.

Former Vice President Dan Quayle served as an “Invited Interim Professor by the Thunderbird School President for 2 semesters” and Rico was fortunate enough to be one of 16 students selected to attend his class.

*Special note, Rico received an “A” from the VP for the 2 credit elective class. Was it because of Rico’s performance on studies or VP Quayle was afraid of what Mr. Austin might write in the paper?

Hollywood has even had an encounter with Rico. For those of you who watched Baywatch with the beautiful Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and David Hasselhoff, Mr. Rico Austin did a cameo appearance in the episode “Night of the Dolphin” in 1997 where he played the role of a drug lord on a huge yacht with sexy chicks. He and his graduate class mates watched the episode when it aired in the “old clock tower hanger” together in the TV lounge. He was invited back for another episode by Producer and Casting Director Susie Glickman, but had to decline due to a conflict with finals at Thunderbird. Rico chose education over stardom, when questioned why, he responded, “No one can ever take your education away, everything else can come and go and, most likely will.” Rico also acted in a commercial for the local market in Boise, ID as a construction worker in “That old House” sponsored by BMC West.

Rico is an avid fisherman and has traveled far and wide to cast his line into many waters; including streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, seas and oceans. He has worked for a few international companies as both a sales manager and a marketing manager. In his spare time he has worked as a Land Developer and is a Licensed Realtor in Arizona. Should you decide to make your home in Arizona or would like to purchase property to build your dream home in the future, Rico would be more than happy to show you around his Great State of Arizona.
Rico now is happily married to a graphic artist from Minnesota with a prominent company. They make their home in the “Land of the Sun” Scottsdale, Arizona. He and his wife Connie enjoy snorkeling, hiking, hanging by their swimming pool and traveling to the beaches of Mexico while sipping on a cold cerveza or margarita blended with Rico’s favorite TEQUILA.

Rico Austin first began writing seriously as a seventh grader at age 13. He was elected as reporter for the “Eager Beaver 4-H Club” in Marsing, Idaho and started submitting weekly articles to the local newspaper. Rico then was elected reporter for the local FFA chapter his freshman and sophomore year continuing to expand his writing ability. As a freshman Rico took 3rd place in the Marsing High School essay contest titled “American Beef Farmers.” He later would write a few short stories for Reader’s Digest and become a professional freelance and feature writer for DAS TOR newspaper at Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of Global Management from 1996 – 1998. Rico also won the first and only writing essay at DAS TOR in March 1997. The essay asked contestants to propose ways for Thunderbird to be
improved. Rico used his humor, knowledge of several countries that he had traveled to and innovation to secure the winning essay. One of his most serious assignments and pieces of journalism was reporting on the Winterim class 97 “US Foreign Economic Policy” in Washington DC including the opening of the 105th Congress and the Inauguration of the President of the United States – Mr. Bill Clinton. Rico was also selected among several hundred writers and bloggers to help compile a booklet with 13 other prominent authors. “How to Create Credibility as a Freelancer – 70 Tips from a Collection of Experts” was published in 12/2009.