Continuation from Phoenix Series, this is BSC Boxed Set Two in our Badass New Mexico saga.

Jack Honor: Check out how Jack choreographs Clubs, choppers, pictures, Alpha-Bits, ol’ ladies and Officers in a new dance where the beat is only heard by true Badass Brothers.
*Walmart throat punching is demonstrated, but not required.

Falcon Respect: Badass is alive! Jump on in where elders, Alpha-Bits, arsenals and of course Walmart are challenging the ‘sane’ President and his new ol’ lady.

Mag Loyalty: Book three in Bravo shows us what loyalty looks like Badass style. He can shoot, he can fly and according to Carmen, “He’s honest, trustworthy and loyal. Sex on sticks isn’t a damn beagle.”

BSC SERIES Books. Best read in order.
Master’s Rise
Benga’s Rise
Ranger’s Rise
Jack: Honor
Falcon: Respect
Mag: Loyalty
Justice: Tenacity
Ford’s Rise
Driver: Grit