Bang Bang, You’re Dead

by – Evan Baldock(Author)

A little old lady turns vigilante on the streets of London, in this gritty, witty crime thriller.

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Book Description:

“I love everything about this . . . I could not put it down . . . kept me at the edge of my seat, and I did not want it to end.” —Amazon reviewer, five stars

A little old lady turns vigilante on the streets of London, in this gritty, witty crime thriller.

Gloria Jones has had enough. She’s sixty-five, approaching retirement, and nearing the end of her tether.

When someone disposes of a gun in her local park, it ends up in Gloria’s hands and changes the course of her life forever.

Realizing there is injustice all around, Gloria finds herself transforming from a harmless senior into a confident and ruthless vigilante, determined to help victims of crime.

And so begins a campaign: taking revenge against violent criminals and helping those who can’t help themselves. After all, who’s going to question an elderly woman seemingly just going about her business?

But now that she’s fully committed to this new life, can she get away with it—or has she crossed a line?

Reviews for the Book

Very well written book honoring a friend. Lots of twists and turns. Reading about the retired lady dealing with crime in the streets kept my attention. Good book. I just ordered the next one to find out what Gloria is doing.No spoiler alerts-read the book & post your thoughts.😳 - Fog

About the Author: Evan Baldock

Evan was born in Pembury, Kent in 1956 and attended grammar school in Tunbridge Wells.

He left the Metropolitan Police after 30 years service in 2011, serving as one of the countries first Football Intelligence Officers until 1996, then transferring to West End Central, where for 15 years he worked in Soho.

For several years Evan helped run the Soho Unit, specialising in combating drug dealing in the West End. During his career he frequently ran test purchase and buy-bust operations against drug dealers, resulting in the seizure of large amounts of drugs, and the successful prosecution of over 200 dealers, many of whom received lengthy prison sentences.

After retiring from the Metropolitan police, Evan opened ‘Sweet Expectations’ in Rochester, Kent, the UK’s first vegetarian sweet shop.

In 2016 he sold the shop business and retired, before taking up writing in January 2019.

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