1940. The world is at war…

Herr Oberst Erich Mathieu Von List is a Nazi and a fighter pilot. Yet he is unaware that he is the biological son of a powerful man…

In England, Sherlock Owen Templeton flies for the RAF. But he has a terrible accident that results in the death of several civilians. He loses his wings, and is consigned to desk duty. But he’s itching to get back into the air.

One of Churchill’s chief special projects is the Air Sea Rescue of downed airmen. ATA Pilot Faith Hannah Fuller flies the rescue missions.

On her first day in England while visiting the London Monument, she meets Sherlock and the possibility of a romance blooms. But Faith says he must find her, leaving only her scarf as a clue.

When Sherlock finally gets his wings back, he starts work in unarmed aerial reconnaissance. Between dangerous missions, Sherlock never gives up searching for Faith, but the top secret nature of her work means she remains untraceable…

Meanwhile, in France, Von List and his team have discovered an underground burial chamber built in 54 BC after Julius Caesar’s failed attack of England. The chamber leads to a partially completed tunnel from France to England.

Such a discovery could change the course of the war, facilitating the invasion of England in a plan designed by Hitler to be the greatest deception since the fall of Troy.

Just as Sherlock and Faith and reunited, a man named Colonel Matthew Vaughn suddenly shows up at Faith’s military base and instantly sets his sights of wooing her.

It would seem that the battle for Faith’s heart is not over yet and as war rages, old battles are reignited.

One thing’s certain, only one man will be left standingin the Battle for Glory.

The son of a World War Two US Marine, Chad Ehler is an avid military historian and researcher. He studied national security and military affairs at UC Berkeley and constitutional law and jurisprudence at Santa Clara University. He lives on Fidalgo Island, Washington, with his wife and daughter.

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