This book has come so that you may have life, and have it in abundance.

“Be, Do, and Have Anything You Want” is the self-help book for people who want to achieve their dreams and heart’s desires, but do not know how.

This book seeks to awaken, liberate and remind people of Who They Really Are, and for what and why they are here on planet earth. If you want to become the best version of Who You Really Are, if you want to be and do what you want, if you want to fulfill your divine calling, if you want to express the thing that is inside of you that you have always longed to express, if you want to express the kingdom within you, if you know you were meant for much more greater things than the current life that you are leading, if you want success, time and money freedom, happiness, influence, and to make an impact in the world, then this profound how-to-guide book is an excellent start.

By the end of reading “Be, Do and Have Anything You Want”, you’ll understand Who You Are, how magnificent and powerful you are, and how you can begin to align the power within you with the creative powers of the universe in order to create your ideal life.
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“Spiritual and Inspirational to live your purpose”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rebecca Tervo

I have read many law of attraction books, so the principles are not new to me. However, I found it interesting that Muzire incorporated the Bible more into his book than I’ve seen in the past. I was inspired by the constant message that I can be, do, and have anything in my life if I align myself with my inner knowing of my purpose. Exactly the lesson I have learned for myself through other experiences in my life.

This book is a great inspirational read.

About the Author

Muzire has always been fascinated about life itself and its modus operandi. He always wanted to know how life works, and he somehow knew there must be an easier route and approach to life that would allow one’s life to take off in a much more joyful manner to a place where happiness, peace, success, and freedom dwells; instead of bowing and following the rules and the lines set by those whom came before us and being dictated and conquered by the corporate world. And because he dared to question life; life has provided answers through various books, experiences and various ways one cannot fathom.

He believes that every man is called through on a particular call, a particular mission, and to fulfill a noble purpose. He believes that deep in your spirit, heart and soul every man knows they are born for more and through experience he has learned that no amount of drinking, eating, dressing, pleasure and acquiring any accessory on earth can quench the thirst of your soul’s hunger and yearning, but that it is only through the process of expressing the thing you long to express and sharing Who You Really Are with others; thus inspiring and feeding humanity with your calling that you are able to live fully and happily as well as being given all the accessories of life you desire.

Now he has embarked upon a journey to liberate and bring about awareness to humanity and the have-nots, by reminding them of Who They Really Are. His mission is to bring you the utter truth that there is a kingdom of greatness within you, and that by aligning this kingdom with the Law of Attraction you can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do, and have all the things you desires.

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