Becoming Nobody

by – Rick Branch (Author)

A Personal Account of One Man’s Search for Self-Knowledge

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Book Description:

The author gives notice – Warning: Reading This Book May Be Hazardous To Your Self

In this personal account, the author takes a long, hard look at the person he believes himself to be. The chapters within chronicle his findings from 2008 to 2018. Most of these “chapters” are the emails he wrote for a fellow seeker. Backing up his conclusions with philosophy, psychology, science, and life experiences, Mr. Branch found that acquiring self-knowledge is not a matter of addition, but subtraction; that finding out who we truly are is not about gain, but loss.

Reviews for the Book

Wow. Just "wow." In "Becoming Nobody: A Personal Account of One Man's Search for Self-Knowledge," Rick Branch hits a home run about the problem in society today. I'm guilty of it as a parent myself. We have spent so much time raising our kids to tell them they can be anything they want, and they're amazing, and they should shoot for the moon, thinking that by starting them with high standards, we are helping boost their self-esteem. What we're doing, instead, is creating generations of children who grow up into entitled adults who think they are so amazing, they're too good for minimum-wage, blue-collar jobs. It's not that they're bad people. It's that they're confused about who they really are, and then they are unhappy because they're not these amazing adults their parents told them they'd be. To fix this misalignment of "self," one has to become "nobody" to find out who their "somebody" really is. Wow. Read this book.
- A Cannady

Author : Rick Branch

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