Is the bed clean just because you have spread a new sheet on top of the dirty one? Is the house clean if it is not swept, but you have put up new drapes? Many couples live together in relative harmony before getting married, but as soon as they are married, all hell seems to break loose. Why is this so? The author examines this phenomenon based on the Word of God. The simplicity of the answer may surprise you.

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A phenomenal unraveling of the definition of singleness sets the stage to reflect on the main source of the problems in many marriages. Te Bed Defiled pushes beyond the boundaries of your typical book to present questionnaires to determine motives for marriage. It gives you to opportunity to reflect on who you are and what you have to offer plus to assess the motive of the partner. The subject of fear and faith balances the scales as you weigh the gravity of your situation and those defiled are guided to restoration while offering others the necessity of prevention. The pathway to healing is evident as Sylvia’s script cascades from the peak of the falls , shooting downwards through defilement and covenants to the base of the tumultuous rapids of the onslaught to the calm rivers of praying together.

About the Author

Sylvia M Dallas
Performance Poet, Photographer, Author, Publisher

I was born June 9, 1965. On June 10, 1975 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and also the time I discovered my gift of writing. I published my first book (Moods and Emotions) under the pseudonym Strata and then from 2000 – 2007 as Gina Rey Forest, I published several books later on.

In 2007 I declared to God that I would not perform on stage again, or write another poem unless it glorified His Name. I was tested right away. For years I was an advocate for performing poets to get paid, as many promoters took advantage of us by using the age old excuse of not even giving us a stipend “this will give you exposure”. As soon as I had made that declaration, I started receiving offers to perform my previous style of sensuous poetry for pay. I refused them all.

Four years later I made a total re-commitment to God, promising to be obedient to His Word and the promptings of His Holy Spirit. At midnight on December 31, 2013 I completed the manuscript of my first book of poetry since that commitment called THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY – For God Has Me. In March as I was preparing to publish, and during a time of prayer, I was asked by the Lord if I would hold off publishing that book and instead publish another that He would place on my heart. I agreed. AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM – Your Life of Praise Can Bring Freedom To Others was launched in May 2014.

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  1. An awesome testimony and such an inspiration. I published my first book on Amazon. Like you, I started my second book and stopped. I believe that God wants me to write another book on another topic.

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