Begging Becky: An Online Hookup by Akayla Furrows

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Book Description

Internet dating may be the new dance club scene for hooking up. The best part of dating on the Internet is, wait for it… you don’t have to be concerned with how you’re dressed or if you’re dressed. Becoming smutty is verbal and sometimes not so verbal if you’re using a high-quality HD camera. Getting face to face is easy.

Becky, young, sexy and beautiful, was desperate. When one is desperate one tends to make very bad, and naughty choices. Becky was no different. Although, Becky’s choices may put her in danger. But when your body calls you to action, more like demands it, what choice do you have? Find someone to share it with who needs it just as bad.

Becky hoped to find a partner to help her with her problem… spoiler alert… achieving an orgasm. Would ‘Massive’ live up to his screen name?  And make Becky drip with anticipation?

Hello Internet, let’s party!

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“Steamy and funny… great foreplay”

Five Star Review on Amazon by S. Austin

Akayla Furrows steamy short story. Internet dating may be the new dance club scene for hooking up. This is a wonderful humorously written HOT read. Enjoy!

About the Author

A little about Titillating Short Stories website and what you can expect.  Warning: It gets dirty here. Filthy. Explicit. Really smutty.

On this site, I put up scenes from short stories I’m currently working on. Once I’ve completed the story, I take down the scenes.  Then I post a link to my book when it goes live on Amazon.  My short story books participate in the Kindle Unlimited program.  If you’re a member, enjoy!

*****This is important to remember. I put up original first draft scenes, unedited nor revised. The scenes go up ‘as-is’. I’d like to get feedback regarding the ‘content’ – where the story may go – has it captured your interest? Etc.  Not grammar and spelling – that is what an editor will do. I’m strictly about the story and where it is going.

I may put up several scenes of a story I’m working on, so you get an idea of where the story is headed. So, please enjoy.


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