However, he has no objections to a summer love affair with a beautiful young woman.
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Book Description:

Raised in a safe and sheltered environment, Jenny Wright may have no life experiences, but she has goals and the perseverance to achieve them. When she came to the charming Cedars resort, her intentions were only to study in preparation for her med school exams. That is until she meets the handsome Ray.
Ray Benson is career-driven, highly educated, and not used to taking no for an answer. Since taking over his father’s business, he has no intention of starting a relationship. However, he has no objections to a summer love affair with a beautiful young woman.
Can Jenny and Ray, two people from completely different worlds truly make love work? Do they even have a choice?

This book intended for adult readers. 18+

Disclosure: This book was published two years ago as “Green Love” under the name of R.James. Since then, the story was completely rewritten and re-edited. If you already read this book, I thank you and hope you have enjoyed it.

Beginning is a beautifully well-written story. It has the potential to affect readers emotionally. The characters have strengths and weaknesses with which many readers may identify. When you were a young girl, were you the shy one? And/or were you the studious one? Were you the one who was sheltered by well-meaning parents? Were you home-schooled solely by your parents? Or maybe you held strong religious beliefs that protected you from indulging in risky business as an adolescent. Regardless of how you may answer these questions, it is necessary to understand that many young adults could very well respond, yes, to one or more of the questions. And due to those facts, there are young adults in our midst, who have yet to experience a physical/carnal relationship with another person. In Nora Edington’s novel, Beginning, we learn Jenny was sheltered by her parents. Now she is a lovely young woman. Jenny is intelligent. At nineteen years old, she is diligently studying to take exams for medical school. Yes, Jenny possesses both beauty and brains! Yet, other than one boy who she does not like, Jenny has virtually no experience with boys, never mind men. But Jenny’s friend, Leah, has invited Jenny to spend the summer with her at a lakeside cottage. Out by the lake, Leah and Jenny meet two handsome brothers, Gary and Ray. Gary is a bit rough around the edges, which makes him a pretty good match for Leah. Ray, however, becomes instantly smitten by the sweet and lovely Jenny. Then Jenny meets Ray and her life as she knows it begins to change. The shadow of naivety begins to disappear as a stunning array of light begins an awakening. This older man, Ray, is not only gorgeous, smart, and successful. He is smitten with Jenny. He quickly recognizes her inexperience. Ray begins to woo Jenny. Jenny is receptive to Ray's advances. Now Jenny enters into a different course of study. Ray showers Jenny with complements and attention. Jenny is surprised, yet quite content to let Ray teach her new things. Things about which, until now, Jenny has never dreamed. Jenny enters the beginning of a new kind of education. One in which, under Ray’s attentive tutelage, Jenny (and Ray) will learn how much she enjoys being his pupil. In spite of being older than Jenny, Ray’s age and experience do not prevent him from falling in love with his “little baby doll” Jenny. The characters in Beginning are well-drawn and engaging. At times you may dislike Gary, but then he may redeem himself by letting his guard down and allowing us to see another, better side of him. Leah, Is pretty much a normal, healthy woman who is happy to have found, in Gary, a man with whom she can enjoy her summer by the lake. Leah has no illusions about how she wants her summer fling to go. And regardless of her tough exterior, Leah occasionally shows her feelings. Edington provides us with just the right amount of conflict/resolution/conflict to keep this story moving and on track. Edington skillfully paces the progression of Jenny’s carnal education with Ray. While the author has developed Ray as a sexy hunk of man, we get to see who he really is through his growing love for Jenny. I thoroughly enjoyed Beginning.

-- Laura Jay - BookClubReporter

Nora Edington (Author)

Nora grew up in Eastern Europe but moved to North America in her late twenties. She loves chocolate, coffee and long walks with her amazing husband. When not reading or listening to music, she writes steamy romances with enough heat to make your heart melt. Her current series, “Love and Betrayals” has a soft European flavor and embraces both love and sensuality. For more information about Nora and updates on her work, visit her website at noraedington.com

However, he has no objections to a summer love affair with a beautiful young woman.

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