+This IS IT! The antidote, in a simple, easy-to-read format, to issues such as:

• Low self-esteem
• Negative thinking
• Fear of failure

In the monotony of our very, busy lives, we often forget the simple principle that our thoughts determine our destiny. And it’s not until we hit a rough patch, that we decide we need to retool our life’s compass. In her book, Janice takes you on a journey that causes you to unearth a heart of gratitude that will provoke you to change the way that you perceive and live your life.

If you are looking for an abundant and more fulfilled life, this book is for you. In her thirteen steps, Janice gives compelling reasons for changing your attitude and outlines specific details with quick and easy to implement strategies. These methods are vital in order to develop and maintain an “attitude of gratitude,” and to live a life of gratefulness.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:
“CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. On this journey we call “life,” if we don’t believe in ourselves, there is not much we can do or accomplish with this life we’ve been given. We will be stuck, immobilized, similar to being connected to a stake in the ground. Believing in ourselves is something we must all do. We must know there is something this current life has to offer us. Where does this belief come from? It comes from the value that we place on ourselves and our life. It comes from within.”

If you’re interested in a better quality of life and are tired of your mood swings, bouts with depression, or your inability to experience true joy—this book was written with you in mind.

As you turn the pages you will discover tips that you can implement immediately. You will find that being grateful can and will transform your life. It is the key that unlocks the door to a life of ultimate fulfillment and perpetual abundance.


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“A must read for a more positive outlook!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Keren

This book is so wonderful. I really appreciated the straight forward and down to earth writing! My favorite thing was the little things to practice at the end of each chapter. That really solidified the concept in my brain. I think this book will help others with being able to see problems in a different and more positive light as it has helped me!

About the Author

As a first-time author, I am excited about the journey I am embarking on with readers like you from around the world.

Having been a pastor’s wife, high school English teacher, community college professor, and involved in men’s prison ministry, I have witnessed a myriad of human interactions that have positioned me to understand and communicate the behaviors that drive some toward success, and those that keep others in a slump.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling around Europe, joining Toastmasters, and receiving a B.A. degree in Communication Studies from UCLA during the John Wooden basketball years (1970’s).

Later, I earned two Master’s degrees in Education, Multicultural Education and Educational Administration. Having spent more than a decade in education, it became my passion to share insights to better prepare students for life and to help them develop strong character. Now, it is my passion to share these lessons with the world.

My hope is that my works inspire, uplift, and encourage you to fulfill your full potential, and to live a life of purpose. I would LOVE to hear from you. Helping others to experience and achieve true emotional freedom and abundance is my goal and the reason I write.

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