91GDV0LufmL._UX250_Based on Mark McGregor’s ’10 Principles of Leadership and Life’, “Being on Mission” tells the story of Michael Weber, the typical, overworked manager, struck down in both his personal and professional life until he arrives at an all-time low. His ensuing transformation begins with the help of two mentors and a powerful leadership training workshop. Michael becomes aware of his situation, takes responsibility for his circumstances and his actions, and acquires the courage to change. Along his journey, he develops into a more effective leader and establishes clarity and purpose by defining his values, his vision and his mission. Thereby, Michael ultimately alters the way he approaches his work, prioritizes the things that really matter, and begins to lead a more meaningful and purposeful life. This is a story of inside-out transformation and leadership development, and with the lessons learned by Michael Weber along his journey, you, too, can transform yourself professionally and personally.

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“Powerful story showing the importance of Being on Mission.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gordon Tredgold

Leadership starts with ourselves, and Marks Being on Mission shows what can happen when we are at first not aligned with our values, and then how we can benefit once we find our true authentic selves. We must walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I love the style of this book which makes it an easy read and one that explains the principles in a simple and clear way. I highly recommend this book 🙂

About the Author

As a Canadian – now living in Switzerland – Mark McGregor has roots in the world of hockey. Having worked for many years as a player, coach and manager for top teams in Germany and Switzerland, he also had the opportunity to work with Team Canada at six Spengler Cup tournaments. Since leaving the professional hockey world in 2003, Mark has been a leadership trainer and coach at the St Gallen Business School, the St Gallen Management Institute, and McGregor Leadership Center GmbH. Running over 1000 seminars for leadership and team development with key-note speeches and training workshops around the world, McGregor also offers intense leadership camps and off-sites at his training centers in Inzell, Germany and Kenora, Canada. Ten years of work, research and reflecting on this book began with a 3-month sabbatical and ended in a totally unique concept that includes his experience working in sports and with business leaders and management teams. His education (University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education) provided an ideal foundation for the work he does today. This was extended with further education as a trainer and speaker in Australia and Canada. Early on, he identified the link between high performance in sport and high performance in business as there are many parallels between these two worlds. His passion is leadership development. This includes coaching, team vision, team work, motivation, high-performance, communication and psychology of winning. Mark believes that the development of leaders and leadership is the competitive advantage. The core of his philosophy is that leadership development is an inside-out process. It begins by defining clear values and creating a mission on a personal level. This leads to effective leadership on a professional level.

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