Have you ever wondered how the accumulative global wealth is distributed over the world? The journey of this book begins with data on how the entire wealth is distributed across different portions of the world, where it accumulates and where it thins out and what it means for the populations residing in these factions. This unequal wealth distribution leads to a plethora of social problems such as inequality, heterogeneity in the standards of life across a particular region, and the existence of a wealth pyramid.

You may think that you have little to no part to play in the grand scheme of things but since you are a part of the world’s wealth distribution, you can very well make a change. Redistribution of wealth is not the answer to this issue as the true meaning of wealth transcends from just having lots of money. Real change can only be brought about through education, which is the universal understanding language of money.

But in order to become wealthy, you need to change more than just your financial status. Being rich or poor is not just a physical state but a mindset. As Tony Robbins has said, ‘The first step in changing our story is to stop telling ourselves dis empowering ones, so you can figure out a way to change your story on being rich.’ What is the story that you repeat to yourself on being rich? What is your attitude towards money and wealth?

This book will help you ponder on what your mindset towards money and being wealthy is and help you discover the importance of having an empowering mindset as compared to a discouraging one. It will walk you through the different processes and stories of wealth creation. It will help you realize that poverty or richness does not know the bounds of distribution, but is captured within the bounds of your mind. That persistence and consistency helps you achieve what you desire. That you not only need to manage your time and money, but you need to leverage it.

At times, a person’s negative and giving up attitude towards a wealthier lifestyle can act as the only barrier standing between them and riddance from poverty. Other times thinking that you can achieve the status and standard of life that you strive for can becoming the primary force that drives you towards the attainment of your goals. Where do you stand and where do you want to be standing? This book will help you realize what it is that you need to do to propel yourself further on your path to success and wealth.

So embark on a short yet revealing journey of self discovery with ‘Being Rich? How Serious Are You?’ and allow it to steer your life towards monetary success and becoming rich. The choice is yours: keep on living life the way it is or turn it around for the much, much better!
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“Change Your Mind for Change in Your Wealth Pocket”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brian A.

The author Jeremy Kho pens the basic premise of his book, Being Rich? How Serious Are You? by simply saying that “poverty or richness is about one’s mind, not about distribution.”

He proceeds to build upon this premise by saying even if there was a redistribution of wealth (he shares with the reader a global wealth pyramid) that eventually there would still be a huge financial gap between the rich and the poor because of one’s thinking about money.

The author continues to share the difference between being rich and being wealthy and emphasizes the importance of self-discipline. He also challenges the mindset of the reader and their perception of money by alluding to what they have been taught or what the reader has learned about financial resources.

Additionally there are various quotes captured to emphasize his arguments such as Tony Robbins. He also refers to the modest lifestyle of Warren Buffett.

He closes the book by using three simple but powerful illustrations on an individual’s perception of wealth and money.

Being Rich? How Serious Are You? By Jeremy Kho is well written. It is a short book, but is long on clearly explaining the difference between being rich and wealthy and challenging the individual’s mindset regarding money matters.

About the Author

JEREMY KHO is a millennial in his early 30s. He is a self-published author, an individual investor, an engineer, and an online marketer. He had 5 years of experience in the consultancy firm in Singapore, and that experiences he acquired had helped him to think more logically and systematically in investing.
He had started his financial journey and investing in his early 20s, where he had been sharing info and advice in his website: Stress Proof Your Money. He had learned the idea on finances and investing during his career path, and he had learned from the books and courses on money matters, that with the correct money mindset, along with the knowledge and tool, toward financial freedom and a rich life is entirely possible.
His goal is to share out the experiences and techniques, so to make a difference in people’s life, as how his mentor had inspired him, so they could make a change in their lifestyle and meet their goals and dreams!

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