cddInternational terrorism and political turmoil dominate the early 21century in this sequel to Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder. War looms on the horizon, straining ancient friendships as nations are divided over how to confront and conquer terror. As world conflicts threaten to spiral out of control, politics, religion and law enforcement each seek ways to respond to these new realities and bring order from chaos. Artfully blending fact and fiction, Beleaguered Truth follows three central characters called upon to balance their professional lives with the burden of personal tragedy. Senator Giuseppe Lozano, Fr. Giovanni Lozano and Lt. Tom Moran admirably fulfill their official duties. Yet each is uniquely burdened by the disturbing truth behind a family murder in Hancock Park. A truth they cannot even share with each other.

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About the Author

William P. Messenger is an award winning author who was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in Norwalk about fifteen minutes south of the L.A. civic center. He is a great lover of his home city and all things Southern California. As a child, William grew up in a poor household, but one filled with music and books. His mother taught him and his siblings to read before they entered kindergarten, instilling in all of them a desire for knowledge. She also taught them to learn by questioning, by not accepting pat or rote answers. They were to question authority, as long as it wasn’t hers or their father’s!

William’s parents were dedicated to helping people in need and set an example through their involvement in church and social organizations. These experiences, coupled with his thirst for knowledge led him to pursue the Catholic priesthood. He was ordained in 1977 and spent more than 30 years serving the church throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Besides preaching, he has always had a love of writing, and over the years has authored articles for national publications, and lectured on subjects ranging from justice and peace, to equality and human rights, to politics and international affairs.

In 2010, following a couple of life-threatening accidents, he resigned from active parish ministry and retired to Whittier, California. His friends encouraged him to pursue a new career writing novels. This was the origin of Shattered Triangle.

He has his own website designed for the modern Catholic reader and anyone interested in the religious and social issues that challenge today’s world. Check out this other side of the author at

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