dasfdBella Breaux was having a pretty good day as a Property Manager in Orange Beach, Alabama. Her morning run was great and her day was moving along smoothly until the new owner showed up. Their personalities clashed in the first five minutes, but soon the sparks were flying.
This big cowboy made Bella’s engine roar. She had been so caught up in trying to get her writing career going, that a man was not in her future plans. Pete Morgan had a different plan for Ms. Bella Breaux. He had his own agenda. Moving on as a widow had become a priority number one and he hoped Bella could help him out.
As their relationship progressed she wondered if her independence, the fact that she had been in prison and he had been a District Attorney in Montana, or the crazy man trying to kill them would be the end of this unexpected world wind of a romance.
This book is full of sarcasm and wit, but at times can pull at your heart a tad. It’s a little bit of everything with twists and unexpected turns. An easy and fun read.

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“Entertaining and fun reading… Even for a guy!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jared Knight

What a great follow-up from Kate. The author keeps your interest as you wonder what will happen next. It makes me feel like I know some of these characters!

About the Author

Tammy was born, raised and still resides in Southern Louisiana, the Heart of Cajun country. She had dabbled in many different careers before she followed her dream of writing. She learned that she enjoys it and hopes the readers enjoy it as well. She has one son and a great family that has supported her along the way. She loves to cook and take advantage of her Cajun culture whenever she can. She enjoys the outdoors and loves deep-sea fishing but she really is a beach bum at heart.

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