Belleau Wood

by Paul Meachair (Author)

In the trenches of Belleau Wood, love and justice collide.

Book Description:​

When US Marine Liam Kierney reaches war-torn France in 1918, he is thrown into a world of conflict, pain, courage, humour, human weakness and the horror of kill or be killed.

Blundering military decisions make things desperate for Liam and his comrades as they fight to survive in the trenches, building towards the crucial battle at Belleau Wood.

Liam is wounded and transferred to England for recovery, where he finds romance with Sheilagh, a beautiful Irish nurse. Things are looking positive for Liam’s life and future until a vain British army captain, who is infatuated with Sheilagh, falsifies events to have Liam arrested for desertion and espionage.

Their lives and future will depend on the court martial.

Can the truth set them free?

This book was published on 18 November 2023, fifty-five years after the dedication of a black marble monolith with a bronze relief of a fighting Marine, at a road clearing near the site of the battle. Simply entitled The Marine Memorial, it was sculpted by Felix de Weldon.

Meaning and Origin of Belleau French: nickname from beau, bel ‘handsome’, ‘beautiful’ + the diminutive suffix -eau (from Latin ellu).

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Paul Meachair (Author)

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