Beneath The Scar: A Story of Resilience by Deuntay Diggs

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Beneath The Scar: A Story of Resilience by Deuntay Diggs Tweet This!
Book Description:

Beneath the scar is a gritty, honest, first-person tale about the life of Deuntay Diggs. In this book, you will join Deuntay on his journey from a small Eastern Shore kid all the way to VMI graduate and United States Army Soldier. The story in between though is what sets the stage in this tale of resilience. Deuntay brings the reader right into the plot with brutal truths; the abuses suffered as a child, struggling relationships with his family members, as well as coping with personal beliefs such as faith, love, and sexuality. A no holds barred tale, Beneath the Scar takes you head-on into a nightmare before making a sharp turn into the American Dream.
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“Great book.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by cyndia

Wow. What an amazing story. It was hard to get through chapter 1and some of chapter 2. I read the book all at once. You are a truely an amazing person to share your story. I sincerely hope that by sharing your experiences it will help someone who may be experiencing the same trauma as you did. Anxiously awaiting the next book (I hope) to include the happier times. You will continue to be a mentor and a strong part of our community. Keep reaching for the stars and God bless you.

About the Author

Deuntay Diggs is known by the world as the “Dancing Deputy.” He has had two dance videos to Beyoncé’s Formation go viral; reaching an estimated 90 million people and counting. He has made numerous appearances on TV, on shows such as America’s Got Talent, Good Morning America, and the T.D. Jakes Show. He has also had articles written about him appearing in multiple publications such as Time Magazine, Buzz Feed, Out clique 9/17 edition, and Business Insider.

Deuntay is a dynamic motivational speaker who presents a fresh dialogue on issues of race, sexuality, and diversity within our communities. He provides insight and shares his own personal and unique cultural experiences as a road-map on how to achieve change and acceptance. He transcended from a poverty-stricken family to a Virginia Military Institute graduate and is now a 2nd Lieutenant with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

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Beneath The Scar: A Story of Resilience by Deuntay Diggs

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