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Shadyia, one of the finest courtesans of The Silver Rose, is caught between the ancient conflict of Order and Chaos when a devious zealot demands she seduces Aaron, a powerful magician masquerading as a wealthy scholar.

Concealing her forbidden romance with a fellow sister, and discovering her own astonishing heritage, Shadyia must find the strength to defy the crusaders that threaten her sisterhood and help Aaron prevent an emanate darkness from destroying the world.
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“Great read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Waltika

Adrian did a wonderful job. Character building is so good we hurt when the heroes hurt and rejoice with them when they defeat their foes. The story is entertaining, interesting, cheeky without excess, full of fantastic ideas and a thoroughly thought through historical and current plot. I recommend this book warmly and will start right away reading its sequel.

About the Author

A graduate in history, specializing in Central-European history, T.S. Adrian is an avid computer gamer, reader enthusiast, and teacher of English as a foreign language. Adrian currently resides in Poland.

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