Natasha Dawson is a lucky woman. Her career as a fashion photographer has taken off magnificently. After her imminent marriage, she will have a stable future to look forward to and a loving husband in the funny and generous Luke Stevens. Everything is very nearly perfect. But her ex-boyfriend has disappeared, and, try as she might, she can’t forget about him. Some part of her feels she’s about to marry the man of the wrong person’s dreams. The other man in her life is handsome, engaging and passionate, and Natasha is deeply in love with him. But he also has a terrible secret, and Natasha may have to risk everything if she wants to uncover it.
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“A woman in love and a secret to unfold”

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Best Kept secret by Elsa Joseph is a beautiful write. It is the story of Natasha Dawson and her two lovers, Tony and Luke The story of Natasha Dawson is exciting, thrilling and beautiful. It may seem a love triangle but it is always just a love story between two hearts. A human could possibly in love with two people at same time. Yes, it is possible as we love few people for some of their personality traits. The book is about the confusion faced by Natasha, how she handles her life when her perfect life seems to shatter in pieces, the ups and downs of a romantic journey is explained in detail. I loved the characters of Natasha and Tony. The characters are very clear. I could relate with Natasha’s feelings and heart at all times. The descriptions of the places visited and the conversations between the characters are good. The suspense of Natasha’s decision and secret of Tony is well kept and maintained for a long time. The secret revealed layer by layer is also interesting Love is not spending exotic holidays alone, it is also to face the difficult situations with courage and Support to the partner even though they don’t seem to accept and understand the problems. I loved the way Natasha is vulnerable and strong at the same time. Confused in many but clear with important decisions of her life. Her decision in the end could be surprising to many but I felt it was right. Read this lovely book to know about Natasha and her ups and downs in her love life. . I would have preferred a different book cover. Don’t go by the cover readers and miss this wonderful,suspenseful,romantic thriller.

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Scriptwriter & author of ‘Best Kept Secret’ available now at Amazon & Waterstones. Currently working on new material.

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