“This is not a pleasant story…”

Intelligent, beautiful; 16-yearr-old Bethany Childs is now officially a young woman with her whole life ahead of her. But, that innocence is savagely taken away on the night of her birthday, and a part of her won’t let it go.

Under the wing of an age-old demon – who facilitates Bethany’s revenge by imbuing the girl with supernatural powers – Bethany reveals her story in a ‘no-nonsense’ fashion, apologizing not for her torment nor asking for sympathy, but pleading for an understanding of the demonic forces she employs, and the fatalities that ensue in her wake.

“It is not the future I saw for myself…” If Bethany is to believe in herself once again, and renounce Hell’s brutal, iniquitous ways, she will need to open her eyes and heart to a world that will never be the way she remembers. Only then can there be salvation in her name.