M. L. Blackburn creates a world unto itself in Bethel Island: Saving Earth-the world of the Nephilim, the legendary hybrids of angel and man. Bethel’s castle blends the Hogwarts’ school of Harry Potter with the Shadowhunters’ institutes of The Mortal Instruments in a riveting tale on par with either franchise.


A powerful but untrained Nephilim, fifteen-year-old Lucinda De’Mon navigates her way through an angelic education and her unknown destiny, taking the reader along, in her journey of discovery. A solid portrayal as Lucy attempts, in baptism by fire, to make the mature choices with the mind-set of a teenager facing a rapid coming-of-age. Not always making the smart choice, such as sparing her partner rather than pairing with him in crisis, one can easily relate to what Lucy grapples with along her slippery, winding road.