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When love and hope die, all that is left is the truth.
When her best friend, Rachel, is killed Sabine is sure her brother Otto will soon find the murderer. A policeman inside the Regime, Otto has difficulty hiding his animosity to the Nazis, but even he is worried about Sabine’s relationship with Rachel’s brother, Ari, especially when Rachel’s death brings them closer together. But it’s a dangerous time to be a young German woman in love with a Jewish man, even more so when there’s a serial killer at large in Berlin, a killer who leaves no clues and who doesn’t care whether his victims are Aryans or Jews.
As war clouds gather, life in Berlin becomes even more precarious, the police are no closer to finding the killer and Ari and his parents refuse to leave until they know why Rachel was murdered. Sabine continues to ignore Otto and her parents’ concerns but events are about to force her into making a heartbreaking choice, one that will haunt not just her but everyone around her.
‘Betrayed’ is an intriguing tale of murder, love, danger, truth and – of course – betrayal, set in war-torn Berlin and post-war Jerusalem.
*** Adult Content ***

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About the Author

I love writing and love history so I suppose it’s not surprising I write historical books! I enjoy writing both military history and historical fiction and the idea is to give the author royalties of any military history titles to military charities whilst proceeds from the fiction will go to me to help fund the research into both – at least that’s the theory!

My military history books are all published by Pen & Sword and the historical fiction by GWL Publishing.

‘Lives Apart: A World War 2 Chronicle’ was inspired by the story of my in laws during WW2 and is in 5 volumes. It was originally based on them but I found it hard to fictionalise my in laws and have my husband’s family still talk to me!

My next book, Betrayed, will be published June 2016. Betrayed is a murder mystery set in Berlin through the 1930s and 1940s.

I have also written a book of six short stories – ‘Secrets’ which is free to download from my website.

I worked at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC)in Colchester, Essex for nine years but have now moved to the beautiful countryside of North Lincolnshire with my husband David and write full time.

I have quite wide ranging interests and together with my husband David I have also written two spiritual books, The Re-Enlightenment and The Holiday from Hell.

For more information about my books please visit http://www.carolemctbooks.info or you can find me on Facebook or Twitter. I also have a blog when I have time and can think of anything to put on it lol,

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