Betrayed & Scorned

Is there regret for not seeing or remembering their past

Being a lawyer isn’t easy, and if anyone tells you that it is they might have been sent from the Devil.Tyrone has been a lawyer for a few years now, and the cases seem to really be hitting him hard, one inparticular. The pressure to stay top dog at his office and keep his long-time girlfriend turned fiancé,Shaunda, happy becomes a lot on him. It leads him to a stream of sexcapades that he soon regrets.Just when Tyrone is finally making the right moves in his relationship, things take a turn for the worse.He didn’t realize the magnitude of what that one day at the park would unravel. What he didn’t knowabout his soon to be wife will determine his next move. Is he shocked by what he didn’t think she wascapable of? Is there regret for not seeing or remembering their past? But, when she finds out what hedid, will it even matter? Will she even stick around to ask for forgiveness?A compilation of short stories surrounding Tyrone’s sexcapades and experiences that ultimatelyintertwine with one another to create a mysterious, yet tantalizing, tale of betrayal and surprises thatyou will not see coming.