Between the Heart and the Shadows

by – Rowena Tisdale (Author)

A love story

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Book Description:

Broken promises and infidelity

Claire Delecroix is living happily ever after with Aaron, her devoted, younger husband, until an unforeseen tragedy threatens their idyllic life.

Aaron’s estranged mother dies suddenly. Riddled with guilt, he lashes out at his wife, a tactic nurtured by the members of the cult Aaron’s mother belonged to. As he falls under their spell, Claire feels the foundation of their marriage falter.

Aching with loneliness, unwilling to give up either her marriage or herself, she tries to save both. Her efforts lead her into a sordid labyrinth of illicit sex, depravity, and hopelessness. Reaching bottom means losing everything, and Claire is teetering on the precipice.

Sometimes, redemption is out of reach.

How much pain can two people in love inflict on each other, yet still cling with desperate hope to the ties that bind them? The answer lies somewhere between the heart and the shadows.

About the Author: Rowena Tisdale

Rowena Tisdale was born and raised in Michigan, sort of all over the state. As an adult, she moved south to Texas, and after living there for a bit, headed east, eventually returning home to her beloved “Mitten State.” She now resides nearby Detroit, with her son and a pair of feline companions.

A reader of romance from an early age, she remains an avid fan of the genre. Over the years, she began to wonder why the feisty heroines she’s always loved haven’t aged with her. Her stories are about older women, because she knows romance is not solely the purview of youth. Whether a single mother in her 30s, a crone who makes goddesses smile, or a spoiled socialite in her 40s, Rowena writes female characters who have the beauty and confidence of experience. She writes across genres, romance, chick-lit, and women’s fiction, but all her novels are love stories.

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