OVER 30 YEARS PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE UNPACKED! By Nationally Published Author Toby Waxman, CEO & Founder of Entitlement Strategies Group, Inc. To be an Exceptional Project Manager it takes a powerful set of skills, knowledge and technical expertise acquired through years and years of experience. As entertaining as it is informative, “Beware! The Devil Is In The Details: Proven Principles For Exceptional Project Management” boils down over three decades of such expertise into seventeen insightful and paramount Principles. Toby Waxman takes you on an often-whimsical journey as she thoroughly unpacks each Principle along with impactful cases in point and examples illuminating their application. A “MUST READ” FOR ANYONE IN TODAY’S COMPLEX BUSINESS WORLD!
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The Octane Booster for your Mangement Career”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ron Druschen

If you are expecting some boring textbook that merely defines what project management is and describes its history then this is not the book for you. This book is not merely a collection of project management information. Instead, it rises above that and gives the reader something of much greater value – insight. Thirty plus years of ‘in the trenches’ firsthand experience distilled into seventeen, quick to read, chapters each filled with invaluable insight. Whether you are an aspiring project manager, midway in your career, or thinking that you are on top of the food chain in your industry; this book contains treasures and tools to help you hone your skill set even further. An outstanding book for any business manager that as the title says, is interested in “Exceptional Project Management”. I have recommended this book to all of my project management staff.

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