Beyond Haviland by Deborah Rafferty Oswald

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Book Description

Beyond Haviland, the sequel to The Girls of Haviland, finds Jay McKenna forced to live in a a run down attic overrun by cats as she begins her junior year at Haviland. Jay decides to pledge a prestigious guild with near disastrous results. A new challenge finds her and Florence, with the help of a new friend, working undercover to expose an unscrupulous cigar factory manager. Danger and shocking revelations await Jay as she begins a new adventure.
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“Great Understanding of Life for a teen in 1919. A Must Read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lynn

After reading the first book in this series, it was evident that Deborah Oswald’s next book would be amazing– And It Is!!! This author truly has a unique writing style, captivating you to anxiously read on and learn how the characters will overcome each hurdle. The mood of the book reflects determination, acceptance, suspense, heartache and joy. I love Deborah’s style of writing with descriptive scenarios throughout the book and how everything is beautifully brought together at the end. I closed the last page feeling very satisfied, especially when I read “I’m about to begin research on the third book…”


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